Introducing the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland

About the Reformed Presbyterian Church

It may be that you have never come across a Reformed Presbyterian Church before. If that is the case then we would encourage you to take time to read the following and learn a little bit about us.

Although our roots go back to the time of the Protestant Reformation we are neither living in the past nor are we a sectarian church. Enniskillen Reformed Presbyterian Church is very much aware of and seeks to be relevant to the modern-day issues and questions that people are facing in the 21st Century. We recognize the need to give good, rational, but above all Biblical answers to moral, ethical, cosmological and social questions with which society in general and many people in particular are wrestling. It is our firm conviction that the Bible provides such answers.

It is our desire as a church to reach out to our entire community and not to be a church that discriminates against people on the basis of their religious, political, educational or social background. We recognize that sectarianism has plagued our society for generations and we believe that true personal identity and true unity can be found in Jesus Christ.

The word ‘Reformed’ in the description of our church identifies us as a church that was born out of and adheres to the great truths of the gospel that were rediscovered at the time of the Reformation in Europe in the 16th and 17th Century. For several hundred years these truths were buried beneath a shroud of religious ritualism and a way of salvation taught by the church of that time which was firmly rooted in personal effort and works. At the time of the Reformation the great truths of “Scripture Alone” Grace Alone” Faith Alone” and “Christ Alone” were rediscovered. This led to the formation of Churches who would no longer submit to Church dogma but who instead sought their beliefs and practices from the Bible alone.

A good summary of our church’s beliefs can be found in one of our subordinate standards of faith – The Westminster Confession of Faith.